Summer is right around the corner, and it is almost time to get your outdoor patio and backyard ready for those mid-summer barbeques and bonfires. Hosting can be a great experience or a stressful one depending on the condition your house is in, and we want to help you prep for summer to make every time the best time this summer!

Backyard Preparation in Richmond VA

backyard patio

  1. Cutting The Grass

Start by cutting your grass and weeding your garden. Take the time to trim back all of your bushes and trees. If your yard has a tree house or playground equipment, straighten it up and power wash the structure looks that it looks as good as new, and your children and their friends will have a safe, clean place to play all summer long.

  1. Yard & Patio

Take a closer look at your yard and patio. Evaluate all of your tables, chairs, brickwork, and wood boards and determine if anything could use a fresh coat of paint or a little tender love and care. Are there boards missing from your fence or deck? Does your child’s playset have a loose screw or two? Do the cushions on your patio set need to be washed? Give each detail a lot of thought and take the time to fix anything that is out of place. It could be the perfect time to use handyman services at Ace Handyman Richmond!

  1. Grilling

Is your swing set falling apart or your grill too old to be reliable anymore? Take a look around needs to be replaced, repaired, or updated. If you’re not up to the task yourself, you can always call in expert handyman services to take care of everything for you. It’s always great to DIY and repair everything that you can, but there comes a time to splurge and buy yourself some new items for your entertainment space. That time may be now!

  1. Protect Your Family From Hazards

If you are going to have people over to join you in your entertainment space outside, it’s vitally important that you make sure there are no potential hazards lurking around your backyard. Give your yard and patio a scan for any loose wood boards, bricks, rocks, sharp objects, etc. and take the time to replace or repair the risk of injury.


Taking time to give your yard and patio space a makeover is the key to a stress-free summer of entertaining close friends and family. It takes dedication and precision, but it is always worth it in the end. And if you ever need handyman services, Ace Handyman Richmond is always there to help with any and all prepping needed to get your outdoor entertainment space summer ready!