curb appeal

Curb appeal is that first glimpse of a home from the sidewalk.  It determines how you feel about your house and how you’ll interact with it – is it welcoming, is it deteriorating?  The front of a home is a mirror of its interior, and when it doesn’t look good from the street it usually isn’t much better on the inside.  Why not enhance your home’s preview?  Creating an inviting entrance will not only benefit your guests but it can also significantly raise your home’s value.  Whether you’re thinking about selling your home this summer or just entertaining some friends, here are some easy ways to improve your home’s curb appeal…

Repair Your Mailbox

Practical structures don’t need to be cheap.  Mailboxes are a great excuse to add a little glamour to your home.  Instead of going for the standard plastic or wood option, why not use this as a feature detail in your front lawn?

Line your mailbox with stone, rebuild with high-quality wood, accent it with plant features, or add a hardware detail like a number sign…

Any of these options will work to upgrade and add personality to the front of your home.

Trash Shed

Go the extra mile by housing your garbage cans in a trash shed.  These structures are especially great for country homes in Richmond, Goochland and surrounding areas that are looking to keep animals out.  Limit trash smells to areas other than your garage with the addition of a trash shed.

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