What types of residential projects can you help me with?

Ace Handyman can help you with your to-do list, projects and renovations. Because our craftsmen are well experienced in the construction trades, we can help you with drywall repairs and painting, electrical repairs or installations, plumbing repairs, general carpentry repairs (decks, cabinets, doors, wood rot, siding), tiling, flooring, exterior repairs, furniture assembly and many items around the house!

Note that there are some trades where we are not qualified to work in, including new roofing, concrete pours, whole house siding and window replacements, mold/water remediation and landscaping. With our extensive network in the Richmond area, we can likely provide a qualified referral to you.

What’s the smallest size project that you can help me with?

We do have a 4 hour minimum for to-do list and small project work. If you need more time, we can simply add time and materials to your work so that you can get your to-do list done!
The majority of our customers schedule to-do list work for either 4 or 8 hours and bundle multiple items together for efficiency. Our craftsmen’s skill sets are so diverse that we may be able to replace a few rotten deck boards, change out kitchen cabinet knobs, rescreen a window screen, change a vanity light fixture or ceiling fan and repair a small drywall hole in one day.

How do you charge for your services?

For our to-do list and project services, we charge by time and materials, which we believe is the fairest way to charge our customers for the services provided. That includes the four hour minimum plus any additional time needed in 15 minute increments, as well as the time to purchase and materials purchased for the project.

Do you provide free quotes?

When you call to discuss your to-do list or project and provide us with pictures via email or text, we can give you a good idea about how much time and materials that the project will take to complete. Remember that every home is unique, and some projects could take less or more time to complete from one home to another, based upon the work required for a quality repair.

Do you use contractors or employees?

For the majority of our to-do list and project services, we use our own employees to perform the work. There are some specialty services for which we may use one of our regular trusted contractors and when needed, we work closely with them to ensure that their work meets the project needs.

Can I provide my own materials to save money?

You can absolutely provide your own materials. We’ve found in the past that it actually may cost less when we provide the materials, depending on the project. The reason is that when customers provide their own materials, they may purchase the wrong materials (or wrong size or wrong quantity) or forget a necessary component and then we need to go to the supply store to purchase the correct materials to complete the project.

How do I pay for your services?

Payment is due on the same day as the services are completed. You can pay via check or cash, however our craftsmen are not able to make change. We also take credit card payments with a 3% processing fee to cover the actual costs incurred with these transactions.
For projects that require multiple trips such as drywall repairs, painting or flooring, our office can help you to determine the frequency of payments.

Is my appointment confirmed?

When you book an appointment with Ace Handyman Services, the office team will confirm the appointment by telephone and then again via text.

How do you communicate with me about my appointment?

Our dispatch system provides frequent notices about scheduling and the status of your craftsman’s arrival to your home. You can also reply to the text and our office will respond.
The craftsman will try to reach you by telephone the evening before the appointment to speak to you for a few minutes about the project so that he can bring the appropriate tools, ladders or other equipment with him to successfully perform your project. Note that if you return his call, the call will be directed to the office team to respond.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we are a licensed Class A contractor with the VA DPOR and we carry full general liability insurance.

Do I need to be home if my work is outside?

Yes and no. Our craftsman will need to meet you first to review the work and to sign the work order before starting work. After that, he may need to reach you for questions. When the job is complete, he will need your signature and he will collect payment.