Summer Home Improvement Projects

Celebrate Summer In Style Love all areas of your home inside & out 10 Summer Home Improvement Projects 1. Power Wash Give your walkways and home exterior a high-power shower, but follow the sprayer’s instructions to prevent damage. 2. Re-stain Deck & Fence Whether you hire or DIY, protect exterior wood from the elements. 3. [...]

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Deck Composite

It's All In The Details Why is deck composite growing in popularity? It’s not prone to damage from wood-destroying insects, doesn’t absorb water or food stains, doesn’t splinter, or it doesn’t require a lot of expensive and time-consuming maintenance. It’s the ideal solution for a number of families at just slightly higher cost than traditional [...]

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Get Your Backyard Ready For Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and it is almost time to get your outdoor patio and backyard ready for those mid-summer barbeques and bonfires. Hosting can be a great experience or a stressful one depending on the condition your house is in, and we want to help you prep for summer to make every [...]

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Is Your Home Ready For Spring?

Curb appeal is that first glimpse of a home from the sidewalk.  It determines how you feel about your house and how you'll interact with it - is it welcoming, is it deteriorating?  The front of a home is a mirror of its interior, and when it doesn't look good from the street it [...]

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Check Out Our Pre-Built Packages

Check Out Our Pre-Built Packages How it works... Home maintenance and everything that goes along with it can be overwhelming at times.  There is a lot that goes into home ownership and knowing it all is nearly impossible.  The experts at Handyman Matters have developed Pre-Built Packages with you in mind!  Our goal is [...]

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New Year, New Look

Freshen Up Your Walls With a Splash of Color One Weekend Painting Projects Updating the decor in your home doesn't have to be a long, laborious or expensive process... Instead, get a little instant gratification by using paint to easily refresh areas and items throughout the house.  With a little cash and a free weekend, [...]

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Local Organizations Team Up to Create a Christmas Miracle for Animals

Volunteer Work At Local Animal Shelter Ace Handyman Richmond of Richmond is organizing a major volunteer project Dec. 26 and 27 for the Richmond Animal League, the no-kill animal shelter in Chesterfield County. The project is a joint venture between Ace Handyman Richmond, RAL, Home Depot, Lowe’s Sherwin-Williams, NB Goodwin, and the community. It centers [...]

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Ace Handyman Richmond Named One of America’s Best Customer Service Companies By Newsweek

Ace Handyman Richmond Named One of America's Best Customer Service Companies By Newsweek Ace Handyman Richmond has been recognized as the top Brand in the Home Referral Services and Home Repairs category as part of Newsweek's inaugural list of America's Best Companies for Customer Service.  We attribute this honor and recognition to the laser focus [...]

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Prepare Your Home For The Holidays

5 Easy Ways To Get Your Home Ready For The Holidays Tis the season for having family and friends gather at your home to celebrate what you're all thankful for.  We are here to help you make sure that loving your home is something you're thankful for.  There are many quick and easy ways to get [...]

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Fall To-Do List

Richmond's Fall To-Do List How to prepare your home before winter. Make Exterior Repairs Take a walk around your property, looking for signs of damage to the roof, siding, and foundation.  If you spot anything that needs repair, schedule it before winter weather hits. Check Your Detectors With furnaces turned on, the windows closed [...]

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